The Stories of
Paula Smith
Carol's ferschlugginer StoryRated NC17.  A twisted little tale of Spock, Christine, and a bad case of pon farr.
For Sale, Must Sacrifice. Rated R for violence. The God had not been happy with the River People. Perhaps a sacrifice would appease Him...
I MightRated G. A little elementary primer on Harry Mudd and the androids.
The Logical ConclusionRated R for violence.  Spock is captured by a group of Vulcan dissidents and convinced through brainwashing that both he and his life are illogical under Vulcan precepts.  The logical conclusion -- he must die.  Warning: Contains graphic violence!
A Private Little Amok TimeRated R.  The landing party duty was really, really boring.  That is, until the Klingons arrived, unaware of their presence, set up their tents, and proceeded to party down!
What Henoch DidRated R. Spock has no memory of what Henoch did while inhabiting Spock's body.  Then he finds a girl in his bed...
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