The Stories of
Jade Nocturnias
Bittersweet MercyRated NC17. Contains homosexual rape and violence. Captured by Romulans, Spock, McCoy and Christine are taken to a Romulan prison world and left there with prisoners from many other worlds.  There, it is survival of the fittest.
Captives of DesireRated NC17. Contains non-consensual sex and voyeurism.  The Jistanah was a simple man with simple tastes ... he liked to watch his slaves have sex and to sponsor contests with other noblemen.  And he especially liked his new slaves ... especially the one with the pointed ears and the tall blonde who'd been with him.
Folies a DeuxRated NC17. Spock and Christine crashland on a beautiful parklike planet.  They don't know if they will ever be found.  When Spock begins to show signs of pon farr, he must yield to the situation or die.
Horses That Beggars Might RideRated NC17. Christine is given a gift by the husband of a woman she saved -- an amulet that he assures her will grant her everything she wishes for ... everything.
I Never Knew Rated PG. Spock reflects back on his life and ponders the gaps that were waiting to be filled.
In Someone's ShadowRated PG. Someone loves Christine but doesn't think he can measure up to Spock in her eyes.
Oscillate.   Rated PG13. The answer to a challenge in which the first words must be "Kiss me".  Spock and Christine are being chased by Klingons and Christine has an unexpected escape planned.
A Question of FaithRated PG13. Sequel to "Folies a Deux".  After the events on Hypna, Spock realizes what Christine has come to mean to him ... but is it too late?
RiseRated NC17. While on an away mission, Spock and Christine are captured by a strange alien and become lab rats in its chamber of horrors.
Roses and RhapsodiesRated NC17. The sequel to "Horses".  Spock decides he wants to re-evaluate his relationship with Christine, and they spend a day and a night together.
The X EffectRated NC17. Strong sexual situations and language. Co-written with Kiristeen ke Alaya. McCoy discovers that Spock is turned on by dirty talk and female domination.  What will happen when he lets that fact slip to Christine?
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