The Stories of
Red Flag. Rated PG. Sarek and Amanda have just gone through the first pon farr of their new marriage and Amanda still hasn't quite gotten over it.  Then she unexpectedly meets a strange omnipotent being who seems to know more about her than she is comfortable with!
White Flag. Rated PG. The sequel to "Red Flag".  It has been decades since that fateful night when Amanda encounted the strange man ... and now suddenly he's back.  And he insists that he's won the bet.
The Silence of the Damns. Rated PG. It's New Year's Eve on Earth and McCoy decides to make a resolution ... he'll absolutely, positively stop cursing.  Yeah, right.  Let the countdown begin...
A Bottle of Brandy, a Bottle of Scotch.   A tribute to DeForest Kelley and James Doohan.
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