The Stories of
Mrs. Spock
Stand Alone Stories
The BattleRated G. Kirk is in command of a fleet ... but his opponent has a fleet at his dispoal, too.
By Gum!Rated G. Kirk has an annoying new habit ... and it's about to drive Spock to homicide.
Cherry BlossomRated PG. Kirk shares a very special memory with Spock.
Do Vulcans Play Fizzbin? Rated G. Spock and McCoy make a little bet ... Spock can't avoid raising his eyebrow and McCoy can't avoid exploding in anger.  Who has the stronger will?
Have You Ever Loved ... Nurse Chapel?Rated PG. Based on the song "Have You Ever Loved a Woman?" by Brian Adams.
The KnifeRated PG. Note: Implied K/S.  Spock is distraught that Kirk has been wounded and the Vulcan wasn't able to prevent it.
LipauRated PG. Kirk has always been fascinated by the ancient weapons in Spock's cabin, and now Spock takes them down one by one to explain their history.
NovaRated G. It is Christine Chapel's first day aboard the Enterprise.  No sooner has she set foot off the transporter pad than all hell breaks loose.
The Price of FriendshipRated G. What is a person ... and their friendship ... really worth?  We're talking in Federation credits here...
Requiem's EndRated G. Kirk can't understand why he feels nothing for Rayna except a memory of something special.
The ShellRated G. Spock has killed his captain ... and his friend.  He will never again be whole.
StrandedRated PG. Spock is stranded after a crash landing and his crew has been killed, one by one, by a vicious animal.  Now the animal is stalking Spock.
Whom Gods EmployRated PG. The natives of the primitive planet have prduced a Holy Book ... and, once again, there's a picture in it that looks alarmingly like Spock.
Win or LoseRated PG. Kirk is always challenging Spock to a contest of some sort ... and Spock always wins.  Why does Kirk do it?
Your Captain Needs You, Mr. SpockRated G. Kirk is in trouble and, as usual, he calls on Spock for help!
The "Daycare" Series
The New Kid, or the Return of the SpoonRated G. A Daycare story.  The new kid with the pointed ears sure is funny, but Jimmy thinks he'll be okay.
CaterpillarRated G. A Daycare story.  It's snowing at the daycare but little Spock isn't allowed outside.  Maybe Jimmy can cheer him up.
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