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Stand Alone Stories
Ain't Nuthin' Like the Real Thing, BabyRated PG. The ship's new online chat room is a big hit, but Christine is going crazy trying to figure out who the charming Blue Fox might be ... and if she should meet him in person!
Blue Light SpecialRated PG. The annual officer's talent show is coming up and Christine, Uhura and Janice have a great act worked up ... they just need Spock to give it the right finish.
A Change of HeartRated PG. Spock and Uhura have returned from a mission with some very exciting news ... or some very distressing news, if you happen to be Christine Chapel
The Christmas PartyRated PG. Spock gives Christine a special gift for Christmas.  Does this mean the beginning of a change in their relationship?
Crystal Blue Persuasion. Rated PG13. Spock has given Christine a very special perfume as a Christmas gift.  Neither has any idea how its properties will affect them and those around them.
Crystal Clear Solution. Rated PG13. The sequel to "Crystal Blue Persuasion."  It has been many years since Christine has seen Spock ... and he has an important question to ask her.
A Different Kind of LoveRated PG. Spock has fallen in love with the beautiful new ensign and she returns his affection.  But such a relationship was never meant to be...
A Drabble. Rated G. Christine has painful news to give to Spock ... but somebody's got to do it!
Happily Ever AfterRated PG. Spock and Christine have been married for five years now ... and it hasn't turned out exactly the way Christine envisioned.
Labor Day Aftermath. Rated PG. Spock finds himself in an unexpected place with an unexpected group of people!
Payback's a Bitch.   Rated PG.   Christine and Uhura go back to Platonius to kick a little ass.
A Revel in Time.   Rated PG.   Spock and Christine return to Houston, Texas, looking for some friends of theirs.
Reality Check.   Rated PG.   A different look at Christine's relationship with Spock ... particularly where Leila Kalomi is involved.
Slumber Party.   Rated PG.   Spock is stranded overnight with three young female crewmembers ... and he inadvertantly gets an earful!
Challenge Responses
AppearancesRated PG. The answer to a challenge which must contain the words "raw naked desire", "chocolate", "handcuffs", "a banana is just a banana" and "I saw Spock kissing Christine."
Bulwer-Lytton Bad Writing ChallengeRated PG. Momthing's answer to some really bad writing!
Gone With the Trek. Rated G. Momthing's answer to a challenge in which a famous movie or TV scene had to be replayed with the Star Trek characters.
A Letter to SantaRated PG. Momthing's answer to a challenge of what a member of the TOS crew would write on their Santa wish list.
A LimerickRated PG. Momthing's answer to a challenge of writing a limerick.
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