The Stories of
Mistress V
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Premises of my Fiction.  An introduction by Mistress V to her universe.
The Stories...
Coconut DreamsRated PG. The botany lab has been experimenting with propogating exotic plants and they have a brand new crop of coconuts.  Christine has a plan, if she can just talk Sulu out of some of them.
Tex's DemiseRated PG. Spock's mind wanders just a little bit during a long, dull bridge shift.
Come to My WindowRated PG13. Riley has come up with idea of a karaoke evening and Uhura has volunteered Christine to sing.
Blame It On the BrowniesRated PG13. Amanda sends Spock a "care package" -- a batch of brownies ... and you know what chocolate does to Vulcans.
Federation Day. Rated PG. It's Federation Day, a sector wide holiday celebrating the formation of the United Federation of Planets.  Spock and Christine decide it's a good day to declare their relationship, too.
Date Night. Rated PG. Kirk would like nothing better than a good game of chess with his First Officer, but Spock already has plans for the evening.
Vulcan ValentineRated PG13. Christine and Spock have decided to take their relationship up another notch, but they're having difficulty finding the time to be together.
February 15Rated PG13. It's the day after Valentine's Day and everybody is having a busy time of it ... especially Spock and Christine.
Let It SnowRated PG13. Christine has been sent to a blazing hot planet on a mission.  Spock figures out a way to both cool her off and heat her up on her return.
My Best Vulcan FaceRated PG13. Sarek is coming aboard and Christine is terrified about what he will think about his son's intention to marry her.
Cinco de BlottoRated PG. The Cinco de Mayo party gets a little out of hand.  Must have been that bad tequila somebody smuggled in.
Vulcan RainRated NC17. Christine has just come back from a hot, dry, dusty mission.  She longs for a cool walk in the rain and Spock decides to see if can grant her wish.
In the Dark Side of My HeartRated R. Christine has been fooling herself about her relationship with Spock as he proves by leaving her ... again and again and again.
Who's the Doctor Here?Rated PG. Christine is recovering from an injury she acquired on an away party, and Uhura thinks she needs a little TLC.
The Vulcan in Black.   Rated PG. Christine discovers that Spock has surprising tastes in music.
Live, Across the Galaxy ... It's the Iggys!Rated R. All across the Federation, people are settling in to watch the annual awards ceremony for the Federation's film community.
The Training SessionRated R. Were you ever forced to take one of those meaningless, endless management team-building training seminars?
Girl's Night InRated R. Spock and Christine's bonding ceremony is coming up, so Uhura and Kala decide to throw Christine a little girl party -- no men allowed!
Grand Cenral SpaceportRated PG. Spock and Christine are getting ready for their bonding ceremony and things are getting really hectic.
Loose EndsRated PG. Wedding gifts are arriving and so are special guests.
Day by DayRated NC17. The hours are counting down rapidly to  Spock and Christine's wedding and everyone is running like crazy to make sure all is ready.
Preview to a WeddingRated PG. The big day has arrived, but there are still last minute details still to be done.
This is Us:  A Wedding StoryRated R. Spock and Christine are finally married, with all their friends, family and colleagues around them.
Celebrate!Rated PG. After the wedding, it's time to get down and party!
Good Morning, StarshineRated NC17. The morning after the wedding brings changes in a lot of relationships.
Two BiographiesRated G. Two short "Who's Who" excerpts...
Crossing the Galaxy (a Bridge)Rated NC17. Spock and Christine are off on their honeymoon flight to Earth and people begin to unwind from the wedding festivities.
JourneysRated NC17. Let the honeymoon begin.  It's a long, eventful two weeks as the newlyweds travel across the southwestern United States to San Francisco.
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