The Stories of
J. M. Lane
Stand Alone Stories
Cementing RelationshipsRated R.  A disagreement between Spock and McCoy threatens to destroy their working relationship ... and drags in their shipmates as well.
Christine NightingaleRated PG.  Christine's trip through the Guardian of Forever leads her to the American Civil War ... and an unexpected meeting.
ConfrontationRated PG.  An alternate ending to "All Our Yesterdays."  Spock has decided to stay behind with Zarabeth, but Christine decides to do something about it.
A Dream Shattered, a Dream Fulfilled. Rated PG13. Christine is very surprised when Uhura tells her that Spock has married ... than even more surprised when he shows up at her door.
For Old Time's Sake. Rated PG13. It has been a while since Spock has seen Droxine ... and he's surprised by his reaction to her.
The Good of the ManyRated PG.  A retelling of the events of "Wrath of Khan" and "Search for Spock" in which Spock comes to grips with his newly renewed feelings for Christine.
Historic Occasions.  By J. M. Lane and D. M. Anderson.  Rated PG13.  A TOS novel in four parts. There are many historic occasions happening on board the Enterprise, some personal, some affecting the Federation..
Holiday SurpriseRated PG13.  Spock and Christine's relationship undergoes a surprising turn at the annual holiday party.
Late Night Workout. Rated R. A late night encounter in the gym at 2:00 am leads Spock and Christine to work off some built up tensions in a way they hadn't expected.
Love in Star FlightRated R. Spock's sudden interest in Christine has some very interesting consequences.
Love's ParadoxRated R. Spock has a very disturbing dream.  Will Christine understand what he tells her about it?
MemoriesRated PG.  Spock has outlived all his friends ... and now he looks back and remembers their times together.
Mission Accomplished.   Rated NC17.  The alien assured Christine that the potion was fool-proof.  All she had to do was put three drops in Spock's food and he would be hers.
A New Technique (or "I Was a Vulcan Love Slave")Rated NC17 (bondage).  Spock has a little surprise waiting for Christine when he calls her to his cabin one evening.
Nivar 3:  A New BeginningRated NC17.  After the death of their baby, Spock travels to Vulcan to undergo Kolinahr ... but Christine isn't about to let him go that easily.
No Win ScenarioRated PG.  Spock and Uhura have decided to marry and it has devastated Christine Chapel. Then a new crewmember comes on board ... a Vulcan crewmember.
Paradise Rediscovered. Rated PG-13. A retelling of "This Side of Paradise" with Christine taking McCoy's place in the landing party ... and no Leila Kalomi.
Paradise RevisitedRated PG.  It was supposed to be just a routine visit to a starbase, but then Spock runs into an old friend.
The PartyRated PG.  It's Halloween and Christine plans to attend the shipwide costume party as something very special.
The Right DecisionRated PG.  An alternate telling of "For the World is Hollow..." which explores the relationship between McCoy and Natira.
Second Best. Rated PG.  McCoy is feeling that people are treating him like  second class citizen ... and he's determined to let people know about it.
A Sharing of Consciousness. Rated PG.  Spock and Christine has learned much about each other when his consciousness was placed in her mind.  Now they must come to terms with it.
Star Crossed. Rated PG13. It has been a very long, tough day for Dr. Chapel but she's finally at the end of her shift.  Or so she thought...
Thank You, Mr. Spock. Rated PG.  Uhura has the strangest dream about Spock ... and now she's feeling guilty about it.
Unexpected Surprises (Or Two Slices of Cheesecake, Please). Rated NC17. Taking sexy photos for each other's Christmas gifts seems like a good idea at first, but Spock and Christine come to regret it.
A Valentine for Christine. Rated R.  Christine is getting valentines from everyone on the ship ... except the person she most wants one from.
The "Old Friends" Series
Puppy LoveRated PG.  Little Chrissy Chapel is very upset when her diplomat father is posted to Vulcan.  Then she meets the young son of the Vulcan ambassador and the two strike up a friendship.
Old FriendsRated PG13. Newly assigned to the Enterprise, Christine is delighted to find Spock is the First Officer.  But he has changed since they knew each other as children on Vulcan
Story Challenge Responses
First Date.   Rated PG. The response to a story challenge in which the first words must be "kiss me".
Santa Letter.   Rated G. Kirk writes a letter to the ship's "Secret Santa".
Forevermore.  A poem about  love.
Terran Female.   A poem about a blonde nurse we know.
Two Happy Filksongs. Two songs that are happy and upbeat.
Two Sad Filksongs. Two songs that are sad and wistful.
Vulcan Male.   A poem about a science officer we know.
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