The Stories of
Kiristeen ke Alaya
The Betazoid Series
New Discoveries.   Rated PG.  After her mother dies, Christine learns shocking news about her background ... something that leads to a whole new relationship with Spock.
New Beginnings.   Rated NC17.  Spock and Christine have taken their relationship to a new level, but it is threatened by the leader of the first contact with a race of beings neither has ever encountered.
Stolen Treasures Rated R. Christine is kidnapped by a slaver ship, along with several other women.  Can Spock and the Enterprise crew find them before all trace of them is gone for good?
The Destiny Series
Ghosts of the Mind.   Rated PG.   Halloween is a time for playing practical jokes.  But is someone playing one on Spock ... or is something more sinister happening?
That Which Was Lost.   Rated PG.   Spock must return the katra of a  lost soul to Vulcan and Christine is chosen to accompany him.  Little do they know where their simple mission will lead.
Decisions.   Rated G.   It is the end of the five year mission ... and Spock has some serious decisions to make.
Like a Woman Scourned.   Rated PG.   Kirk and Christine must get on with their lives after Spock leaves to find his destiny on Vulcan.
Four Christmas.   Rated PG.   It's Christmas on the Enterprise following the V'Ger incident, and Spock seeks a way to prove to Christine that this time he's here to stay.
Graduation.   Rated PG.   Christine hardly has her medical degree in hand before she's assigned to a world where a strange and virulent plague has broken out.  Things go from bad to worse as she, Spock, and the medical team struggle to find an answer before an entire world is wiped out.
Stand Alone Stories
The Awakening.   Rated PG.   Following his mind meld with V'Ger and finally realizing that logic cannot fill all the empty spots in his soul, Spock decides what he wants ... and goes for it.
Evening Delight.   Rated NC17.   Spock makes a rather startling proposition to Christine.
Just Around the Corner.   Rated R.   Following their betrothal bonding, Spock learns a surprising fact about Christine ... she loves to surprise him when he's least expecting it.
The Many Choices of One.   Rated R.   An attempt to contact the Mirror universe goes terribly wrong and Spock finds himself in a place and situation he definitely doesn't want to be in.
Realms of the Forgotten.   Rated R.   Kirk and Spock have been enslaved after a landing trip goes terribly wrong.  But when they are sold to two aristocratic women, things go from bad to worse.
Red-Handed.   Rated R.   Temporarily stranded during an exploration mission, Spock and Christine explore their relationship ... and it leads to a shocking incident.
When Having is Not So Pleasing a Thing as Wanting.   Rated NC17. Christine finally gets her wish as Spock is overcome by pon farr and makes love to her.  But it doesn't quite go as Christine had envisioned.
Challenge Responses
Forever and Always: No More.   Rated PG.  Response to a challenge in which Christine must die.
A Night in a Cabin.   Rated PG.  Response to a challenge in which the story must be all in dialogue and contain the titles of three TV shows.
Thoughts.   Rated G.  Christine's thoughts of Spock.
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