The Stories of
Avast! Rated R. What happens when you mix space pirates, Harry Mudd, Cyrano Jones, tribbles and love crystals?  You're about to find out.
Chapel's SickbayRated PG. A macho new crewman is paying a lot of unwanted attention to Christine ... and McCoy decides to do something about it.
The Chicken RiddleRated PG. Why DID the chicken cross the road?  Spock may never find out.
EmpathyRated PG. Called to the planet Hestia, the crew of the Enterprise find just where it was the Vians moved Gem's people.
Holiday SuffrageRated PG. What do you get your two-year-old son for his birthday ... when your two-year-old son happens to be Leonard James Akaar, High Teer of Capella?
HomecookingRated PG. McCoy, Christine and M'Benga have become practiced at gourmet cooking, so when they are stranded and exposed to a deadly virus, the three of them conspire to cook up the cure.
Letter to AmandaRated PG. Spock writes a letter to his mother and tells her the tale of his visit with McCoy to a planet ruled by powerful women.
Mangrove GhostsRated PG. Home in Georgia, McCoy reflects on his failed marriage and his fading relationship with Joanna, his only child.
Paper TigerRated G. McCoy is about to receive a commendation for saving Kirk's life ... again. Somehow he and Spock have to figure out a way to curb Kirk's recklessness.
The Plot CurdlesRated PG. A "Mirror" universe story.  An assassin's bomb on the bridge has severely injured several officers, but Spock is in the worst shape.  And McCoy knows that the captain is going to be severely ... um ... annoyed if he can't figure out a way to save the Vulcan.
Corpses Are InconsiderateRated PG13.  A "Mirror" universe story.  The sequel to "The Plot Curdles".  McCoy and Scotty stumble across the skeletal remains of an known Vulcan, stuffed in a container that was shipped from Memory Alpha.  The problem is ... how do they let someone know without implicating themselves and violating Spock's touchy Vulcan taboos?
Waking and DreamingRated R. A "Mirror" universe story.  The Empire has possession of the vast knowledge of the Fabrini -- and the Romulans want it.  More specifically, they want Dr. McCoy, who has the knowledge of how to decrypt the Fabrini archives.
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