The Stories of
Stand Alone Stories
Chances Are.   Rated PG.  It has been a long time since Christine last saw Spock.  Why has he suddenly showed up on her doorstep? 
Fixing Mistakes.   Rated PG.   Somewhere in Southern California is a young writer who has a consulting appointment with a couple of visitors.
Matters of a Vulcan's Heart.   Rated NC17. The koon-ut-kali-fee combat didn't quite make Spock's pon farr go away.  And Christine walks in at just the right ... or wrong moment.
Saturday Night at the Pon Farr Palace (or Mr. Spock's Escort Service).   Rated NC17. Well, they had to do something to survive after they crashed outside of help's reach on a strange planet.
Drabble #1.   It's the size that counts... 
Drabble #2.    Even Spock can't explain this one...
Drabble #3.    Christine's moans are getting too much for Spock to handle.
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