The Stories of
Jill Jackson
News from AbroadRated PG.  Christine has been posted to a base hospital, but she still finds time to communicate with her friends on board the Enterprise.
Shore Leave's 'Much to be DesiredRated PG.  A drunk Vulcan, a drunk nurse, a park bench, and a sense of deja vu.
Shore Leave's 'em Wanting MoreRated NC17.  That blue liquor sure loosened Spock's inhibitions, and Christine decides to investigate it a bit more.
A Tale of Two Humanoids (Or No Expectations Whatsoever)Rated G. What if Star Trek had been written by Charles Dickens?
What We Have Here is Failu... Rated G. Ever try to send a message on a computer keyboard that simply refuses to cooperate?
You've Got Mail.   Rated PG13. An exchange of email messages between the First Officer and the Head Nurse leads to something unexpected.
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