The Stories of
Lady Gueniver
And Then There Were ThreeRated NC17. NOTE: Contains K/S, group and anal sex.  Spock is forced to bond with Kirk when pon farr overtakes him far from the Enterprise and his wife, Christine.  Once they return, the three of them have to deal with this new dynamic in their relationship.
Breakfast at Christine'sRated NC17. Spock and Christine begin a new kind of relationship.
Bulwer-Lytton Bad Writing Entry. Rated PG. Story challenge response to writing a terrible Spock and Christine story opening.
Conversations in the Green RoomRated PG. The characters of Gueniver's various stories wait to "go on" and compare notes.
Drops of Jupiter.   Rated NC17. The droppings of the giant sloth were more than disgusting.  The effects it left were unusual in the extreme.
FearRated PG13. Christine has to make a decision ... and it's terrifying her.
FoolsRated PG. Spock and Christine find they have more in common than they thought as they begin their second five year mission together.
Full MoonRated NC17. Spock and Christine have returned, undercover, to Iotia to check up on things. There, beneath a beautiful full moon, things get out of hand.
Getting to Know You -- ChristineRated PG. Christine fills out one of those online "getting to know you" questionnaires.
Getting to Know You -- SpockRated PG. Spock fills out one of those online "getting to know you" questionnaires.
Into That Good NightRated PG. Spock and Christine have grown old together and now, at the end of their lives, they receive an unexpected visitor -- Q.
Little Blue SkirtRated NC17. Spock and Christine explore one of his favorite fantasies.
MoreRated NC17. Spock had thought Christine was dead when their mindbond broke.  Now he is frantic to reclaim her.
Most UnexpectedRated NC17. Spock and Christine have spent the night making love, but Christine isn't satisfied yet.
Sometimes Having is Much More PleasingRated NC17. Spock is coming up on his next pon farr and plans to marry Christine. But she wants a full koon-ut-kali-fee ceremony ... and she means all the way!
Unexpected RevengeRated NC17. Christine hadn't realized that she was "broadcasting" to Spock as she took her shower that morning while he was on duty.  Now she learns that two can play that game.
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