The Stories of
Lou Ellen Gooding
AftermathRated PG. Grief is a long and drawn out process, as Spock and McCoy find when they try to help Kirk recover from the loss of Edith Keeler.
After Patterns of Force.  Rated PG. Beaming up from Ekos, McCoy discovers that Kirk and Spock have been beaten severely and orders them to sickbay for treatment.  But the good doctor needs a little treatment himself.
BeginningsRated PG. After killing the salt vampire who had been mascarading as Nancy Crater, McCoy finds that he must put aside his grief to attend to two injured crewmembers -- Kirk and Spock.
Mind HealingRated PG. The nightmares of what happened to him on Tantalus continue to haunt Kirk and the only two solutions are either sitting in that chair again ... or having Spock do a mind meld.
MourningRated PG. Spock requests time to mourn for his brother Sybok and then Kirk remembers the traditional Vulcan meaning of "I grieve with thee."
Noble KnightRated PG13. McCoy can't sleep because of nightmares following his torture at the hands of the Vians.  He goes to the observation lounge to think ... and finds that Kirk and Spock have the same problem he does.
Spock's DeathRated PG. Spock is dying ... and he wants to leave this world in the company of his friends.
We the People.... Rated PG. Spock is curious about how Kirk recognized the words to the no longer used American Pledge of Allegiance.
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