The Stories of
Gerry Downes
Gerry Downes was a talented Alaskan who combined her skills at writing and art to produce her popular zine "Stardate: Unknown" as well as contributing to numerous zines.
Stand Alone Stories
A Friend in NeedRated PG.  Spock has a great need and there's no time to get him to Vulcan. Kirk is the only one who can help him. But don't think you know where this is going!
Full CircleRated PG.  McCoy has been forced to perform an abortion on a young crewmember in order to save her life, but it impacts him more than he's prepared for.
Loving CommandsRated PG.  (Mild K/S)  A poem in which Spock expresses his admiration and affection for his commanding officer and friend.
NessieRated PG.  On leave back in his native Scotland, Montgomery Scott takes a little stroll down by a picturesque loch ... and meets someone he didn't expect.
One Last TimeRated PG.  (Mild suggestion of K/S)  Kirk is old and knows that he only has a few more years go live. He decided he needs one final adventure...
Two Tickets, PleaseRated PG.  Kirk is trapped in a nightmarish maze from which he cannot escape. And then he encounters someone who might possibly be his salvation.
The Enemy Within.  Kirk gazes down at his other half and ponders.
Enterprise Incident.  Spock makes his statement before execution.
Mirror, Mirror.  When Kirk comes back aboard the Imperial Enterprise, Spock has a surprise waiting..
The Movie.  Kirk has played the role of The Captain for so long, he can't imagine anything else.
Radio Source.  As Uhura monitors subspace communications, she hears the voices of the stars.
Requiem.  Spock helps Jim forget...
Spectre of the Gun.  Kirk must take time to grieve over Chekov's death.
Your Turn, Doctor.  Spock has something he'd like to say to McCoy.
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