The Stories of
Bulwer-Lytton ChallengeRated G. "It was a dark and stormy night..." So begins one of the classic examples of bad writing in Engligh literature.  Here's Djinn's submission...
Extreme UnctionRated PG. In despair, Christine does something she may live to regret ... or not.
In MineRated PG. Carol Marcus was determined that Jim Kirk would never take their son from her.   But sometimes a mother's love can't prevent the inevitable from happening.
Solitary ConfinementRated PG. Spock is the only Vulcan on a Human ship.  What would it be like to be the only Human on a Vulcan ship?
X-TrekRated G. The answer to a challenge to write a Trek vignette as if it had been done in another series.  I want to believe...
You Know You're From Borg When.... Rated G. The answer to a challenge to complete "you know you're from X when..."
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