The Stories of
Chris Dickenson
Original Series Stories
And Gain Strength Through the SharingRated PG.  When Sybok decides to leave Vulcan and go into exile, he must leave everything behind ... and everyone.
As It Was BeforeRated NC17NOTE:  Strong sexual content.  The Vulcan festival of T'Mare and Terran Halloween have a lot in common ... but there are a lot of very interesting differences.  A sequel to Linda Baker's "All That Glitters."
By Virtue FallRated PG.   Spock has never felt rage or betrayal as strong as he does toward Valeris. When he forces a mind meld with her, it is not information he is seeking.
FinaleRated PG. Amanda is dying and Sarek looks back on all the times that being a  Vulcan kept him from saying the things that needed to be said.
Pharaoh's DesireRated NC17.   It's been a dull duty shift and Kirk finds himself daydreaming about his lovely communications officer.
A Slight DelayRated NC17.   Set in the "Mirror" universe.  Uhura must get to the transporter room ... but Sulu won't take "no" for an answer.
Special DutyRated NC17.  A sequel to Ann Zewen's "The Ring".  McCoy has an embarrassing problem following a drunken spree on shore leave.  He decides that Christine is the only one who can help him.
The Tie That Binds.   Rated NC17.   The young engineering lieutenant accidentally touches a live circuit while helping Scotty and it nearly kills her.  After she is released from sick bay, he comes to her cabin and has a special way of making it up to her.
Unheard MelodiesRated PG.   Spock and Number One are assigned to work together on a remote outpost, regardless of the fact that they can't stand one another. Then something happens that forces Spock to save Number One's life ... in a very intimate way.
A Willin' SoulRated NC17. NOTE: Extremely strong sexual content. Spock and McCoy have been captured by a race of Amazon-like women and it's up to Christine to rescue them.  But she discovers that the two men have been drugged and she's going to have to go the extra mile in order to help them survive the night;
Next Generation Stories
Non SequiturRated NC17.   Dr. Kate Pulaski has a reason to hate androids ... and it takes a special android to help her lay that hatred to rest.
You Can't Judge a BookRated PG.   . Ro Lauren learns that she and Deanna Troi have something in common after all.
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