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Story Challenge Responses
Don't Tell Me You Love Me When I'm Kicking Your Butt.   Rated PG. Christine and Spock lose a bet and have to do something really atyical ... in public.
The Kiss.   Rated G.  The kiss on Platonious ... as played by Charlie Brown and Lucy.
The Last Word.   Rated PG. Christine leans the hard way that she who lives by hormoes eventually dies by hormones.
Taste This.   Rated PG. The answer to a story challenge in which the word "hot" must be used and a food mentioned.
Three Limericks.   Rated PG. Three hilariously smutty limericks.
What Are Big Girls Made Of?   Rated PG13.  Christine and Uhura have a chance to break into show business. Well, it's only for one night, but it's something they'll never forget ... and neither will Spock.
The "No Future, No Past" Series
No Future, No Past.   Rated PG. Number One disappeared on an away mission fourteen years ago and now has abruptly been found, trapped in a time pocket.  Things have changed a lot since her disappearance ... most especially Spock ... and her younger sister, Christine Chapel.
You're Always Welcome at Sehkmet.   Rated PG. Number One, Shayla Ross, is back on Earth after a long period in stasis.  Can she pick up the pieces of her life ... or will she self-destruct in the process?
No Day But TodayRated R. Shayla and Christine are picking up their lives and moving on.  And Leonard McCoy and Spock have decided they'd like to be a part of those lives.
Stand Alone Stories
Awful Truths.   Rated PG. Something hasn't been quite right between Spock and Christine since the incident with Henoch. Now Christine asks him to join her at a remote mountain cabin where she reveals what's really going on.
Better Living Through Reckless Experimentation.   Rated R. Spock and Christine are marooned on a cold, damp planet and trying to make it through the night. But Christine has had about enough of Spock's logical approach to survival.
Chapel to the Village.   Rated PG. What happens when a character speaks out on her own behalf? This unusual tale will reveal all.
Chronicle.   Rated R. Spock and Christine are thrown back into Vulcan's savage past. Can they survive?
Federation Day Dreams.   Rated PG. It's Federation Day and Christine and Uhura plan to celebrate.
Message in a Bottle.   Rated PG. Spock has disappeared and left Christine a cryptic message. She feels compelled to follow its clues and find the Vulcan.
Quickie.   Rated PG. Uhura makes Christine a dare and the nurse finds that she can't back down on this one.
SilkRated PG13.  Fetishes can be fun, as we learn in this naughty vignette about somebody's love of pure, genuine silk.
Spock and Christine: Behind the Uniform.   Rated PG.   On the anniversary of the completion of the Enterprise's first five year mission, Spock and Christine are interviewed about what really went on during that time.
This Simple Feeling.   Rated PG.   Christine had thought she would die when the V'Ger entity destroyed the ship, but miraculously they had all survived. Now she has a decision to make ... the Enterprise can't have two CMO's on board and Leonard McCoy is back.
To Boldly Go.   Rated G.   Hikaru Sulu finally has his own command -- the Excelsior -- and now it's time to take leave of the Enterprise.
Two Angels in the Dark of Night.   Rated G.   A strange little vigette involving Shayla Ross ... otherwise known as Number One.
The Walls Have Eyes Rated NC17. When  Harry Mudd sells Christine an invisibility potion, she is skeptical, until she tries it and finds out that it actually works! The only problem is, your clothes don't disappear with you, so Christine takes a little stroll around the ship au natural and winds up in Spock's cabin ... where she discovers a new side to the stoic Vulcan.
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