The Stories of
Dangling in Deep Doo-doo Rated R.  By Cherpring, Cheree Cargill, and Maria Seeger.  A redneck parody of "Balance of Terror" written while the authors were completely insane.
A Day in the Life of a Struggling Nurse. Rated PG13.  Christine's hands are giving Spock a level of pleasure he has seldom known ... but she has other customers waiting.
Don't Think Twice Rated R.  The crew has liberty on the Shore Leave planet.  Christine is going to make sure it isn't wasted.
End of the Game.   By Cherpring and Jacqueline Bielowicz. Rated NC17.  Christine has agreed to "help out" when Spock unexpectedly goes into pon farr, but afterwards she wants nothing to do with him. The problem is, he's fallen in love with her!
Fragments in the Mirror.  By Cherpring and Jacqueline Bielowicz. Rated NC17.  A "Mirror" universe story. Christine Chapel is frightened and repulsed when she's ordered to Spock's cabin.  Little does she know what awaits her.
Henoch.   Rated NC17.  Henoch can do more than cause pain in his victims. He can cause lust, too, to get what he wants.  And he wants Christine.
I KnowRated PG. Christine knows why Spock must return to Vulcan or die ... and she knows something else about him, too.
Just a Glimpse.   Rated NC17.  Christine only has a little time to spend with the man she loves ... a tall, very sexy Vulcan.
Ladies First..  Rated PG. Christine and Uhura are in the wrong bar at the wrong time and they're having a little trouble getting rid of the persistent Ferengis who are hitting on them.  Then all hell breaks loose...
Let Me HelpRated R.  Uhura doesn't know what's troubling Kirk when he comes back through the Guardian of Forever, but she knows he is hurting and she needs to help him recover.
A Letter to Santa..  Rated PG. A lonely female yeoman writes a letter to Santa...
Naked X2.   Rated NC17.  Spock contracts a mysterious virus while on a landing party and Christine gets it, too.  And things began to get extremely interesting between the First Officer and the Head Nurse.
Sweet Mystery of LoveRated PG. It's Valentine's Day and Christine is depressed because the man she loves cannot love her in return. Then someone leave a rose on her pillow...
TruceRated PG. Following the return from Vulcan, when she was summarily dismissed from sickbay, Christine decides to have it out with McCoy over his treatment of her.
"We regret..."Rated PG. Someone very dear to Christine has been killed ... and the duty to inform his family falls to her.
What a Lovely Way to BurnRated PG13.  When Christine comes to Spock's cabin to tell him they're bound for Vulcan, she doesn't anticipate the reception she gets.
The Women! ... Or Earth Girls Are Easy Rated NC17.   Every single woman aboard the Enterprise has vanished and the men are completely distraught.  Who's going to make the coffee and keep Mr. Happy ... well, happy?.
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