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A story challenge is when one chatlist member issues a challenge with a set of parameters and other members respond with their versions.  Below are the delightful results.
NOTE: These challenges are STILL OPEN if you want to contribute!!! Click here to find out how! Also, if you wrote a challenge response and it's missing, let me know!
"Truth or dare, Spock"
"Um ... can I consult the audience?"
Story Challenge #1
Story Challenge #2
These stories resulted from a challenge in which the story must begin with the words "Kiss me."
These stories resulted from a challenge in which Christine had to die."
Date Night by Catherine Kay
Last Kiss by Cheree Cargill
Oscillate by Jade Nocturnius
First Date by J. M. Lane
Noltarian New Year by T'Kuhn
Purple Heart by T'Khut
Once Upon a Dragon by Naithom
Story Challenge #3
These stories resulted from a challenge in which Spock or Christine loses a bet and has to do something really out of character.
Story Challenge #4
These stories resulted from a challenge in which the story must be in dialoge only and contain the titles of at least three TV shows.
How Do You Find Anything? by Catherine Kay
Trouble in Mr. Spock's Neighborhood by CatherineK.
It's Stuck by Ronda Sexton
Story Challenge #5
Spock or Christine must introduce the other to a cultural aspect not formerly known. Must include the word "hot" and at least one food.
Story Challenge #6
These stories inspired by the Bulwer-Lytton Bad Writing Contest.  Get ready to wince!
Hot Topic by Catherine Kay
Hotter Than Vulcan by Cheree Cargill
Catherine Kay's Entry
I Burn by Cheree Cargill
Momthing's Entry
Gueniver's Entry
Story Challenge #7
The challenge is to write a smutty limerick involving Spock and Christine.
Story Challenge #8
Write a scene with Spock and Christine, but played by another famous couple.
Catherine Kay's entry
T"Eros' entry
Chris Kay's entry
Debra Orlup's entry
Momthing's entry
Nancy's entry
I Love Christie by Cheree Cargill
All in the Galaxy by Kathy
Christine's Consciousness by Catherine Kay
Deputy Spock and Miss Christine by T'Kuht
Gone With the Trek by Momthing
Story Challenge #9
The challenge is to write a new use for the ABC's, and the smuttier the better.
Story Challenge #10
The challenge was to explain was exactly Spock saw in Droxine.
The Language of Love -- Rated NC17
Catherine's 2nd Entry
Chris Kay's ABC's
Chris Kay's 2nd Entry
The Allure of a Beautiful Woman by Catherine Kay
Flower Child by Cheree Cargill
Story Challenge #11
The challenge is to write a "You Know You're From..." list using Star Trek planets.
This was a real tough one. Stories had to contain the following phrases: "Hotter than Vulcan on a summer day"; "chocolate sauce"; "handcuffs"; "love is not logical"; "red rose"' "raw naked desire"; "a monkey is just a monkey and a banana is just a banana"'; "I saw Spock kissing Christine" and "they were acting like a couple of love sick teenagers"!!!  Enjoy!!!
You Know You're From Iotia When... by Catherine Kay
You Know You're From Klingon When... by Cheree Cargill
You Know You're From Borg When... by Djinn
Appearances by Momthing
Raw Naked Desire by T'Eros. Rated R
Sticky Business by RaynaKopec
Chocolate Sauce Challenge by T'Kuht
Story Challenge #12
Story Challenge #13
The challenge was based on the poem "Hope Chest" by T'Kuht
Story Challenge #14
The challenge was to have Spock be the ship's Secret Santa and have crewmembers write lettters to Santa Clause
Box of Shattered Dreams by T'Kuht
Time Capsule by T'Kuht
A Dream in My Hand by Trish
A Letter to Santa by Willow Scott
Christmas Wish List by Momthing
Kirk's Letter by J. M. Lane
Santa Letter by Trish
Santa's Little Helper by T'Kuht
Letter to Santa by Cherpring
Santa Letter -- James T. Kirk by McKarns
A Letter to Santa by Catherine Kay
Story Challenge #15
Christine is getting married and when they get to the part about "does anyone know any reason why...", there's a surprise in store. Must contained the words "Best 100 credits I ever spent!"
Story Challenge #16
The challenge was to get a bag of those litle Valentine hearts, drag them one by one from the bad, and write a story based on what they say.
Bedtime Chat by Ronda Sexton
Candy Kisses by T'Ryl
Story Challenge #17
The challenge was to write a "filksong" -- take a song and give it fannish lyrics.
Goodbye to Love by Tami Hansen
Last Worthless Evening by Cheree Cargill
Spock to Christine -- Amok Time by SherryB
Christine by Skaya Starsinger
Story Challenge #18
The challenge to the fact revealed in "Enterprise" that Vulcans do not touch their food with their hands.
When in Rome by T'Kuht