The Stories of
Catherine Kay
Stand Alone Stories
Birthday SurpriseRated PG.  Spock has developed a bleeding ulcer ... and McCoy and Christine haven't got a clue what could have caused it.
The Deep EndRated PG.  Spock had done nothing but complain about this required shore leave ... and Christine had had enough!
The GamersRated PG.  The players in the Cosmic Game change identities, but the Game goes on nevertheless...
One Shirt Two Shirt Red Shirt Blue ShirtRated G. Christine has been up too long with her colicky twins.
Rule the NightRated NC17. There are vampires aboard the ship and Christine is their leader. And she plans on saving Spock until last...
A Secret LifeRated PG.  A mysterious speaker ponders the difference between her fantasy and her real life.
The Sky is DarkRated PG13. Christine ponders her life aboard the Enterprise as the ship approaches Exo III.
You Said You Would Wait for MeRated PG13. Spock is having terrible nightmares following the fal-tor-pan.  And there's something he doesn't know about Christine ... something terrible.
AerosRated PG.  Passionate verses from a telepath to a psi-blind mate.
Cold TimeRated PG.  Spock is old and the winters are cold here.
The Nite Before Christmas -- a Sexy Star Trek Spoof. Rated NC17. Exactly what did the "jolly old elf" have for Christmas this year?
Reflected in Your EyesRated PG.  When you meet your True Love...
A Vulcan FaceRated PG.  Three naughty limericks you'll enjoy.
Story Challenge Responses
The Allure of a Beautiful Woman
Catherine Kay's Limerick
Chris Kay's (Cathy's husband) Limerick 
Chris Kay's ABC's
Chris Kay's ABC's -- Another Entry
Catherine Kay's ABC's
Christine's Consciousness
Date Night
Hot Topic
How Do You Find Anything?
The Language of LoveRated NC17.
A Letter From Santa
PMS, or Only the Lonely
To Sleep, Perchance to Dream
Trouble in Mr. Spock's Neighborhood
You Know You're From Iotia When...
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