The Stories of
Beth Carlson
The "Rehab" Stories
The First Half of the Battle.   Rated PG.  Spock has been nearly killed while on an away mission and his life is hanging by a fragile thread in ICU. The problem ... he obviously wants to die and Christine must convince him that life is worth continuing.
All's Fair....   Rated R.  The sequel to "First Half".  Spock and Christine have traveled to an out of the way planet to begin Spock's recovery and rehab from his horrible injuries. It's going to be a very long, veyr rough road and it will take every ounce of Christine's knowledge, strength and devotion to help him get through it.
Standalone Stories
Adjustments.   Rated PG.  The Federation is at war and the Enterprise's crew is scattered among many ships. Christine and Spock are married, but she has been seriously wounded in an attack and has been sent back to Vulcan to recouperate at the home of Sarek and Amanda. Finally, the wars ends and Spock comes home ... but he is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and Christine doesn't know how to return him to the man she loves.
Continuance.   Rated PG.  After many years of marriage, Christine is dying and Spock is devastated. But their grown daughter, now a Starfleet officer, gives her father a reason to go on.
Pickup.   Rated PG13.  It's proving to be a rather dull shore leave, then Kirk meets someone from his past that he never expected to see again.
Reunion.   Rated PG13.  A novelette retelling "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" from Christine's point of view as the Enterprise's new CMO ... and her reunion with Spock.
By Sun and Candlelight.   Rated PG13.  Spock's father has found someone for him to marry and Spock has agreed, but the bride's parents aren't 100% sure about the match.
Second Best.   Rated PG13.  Christine Chapel has tried to move on with her love life, but there will always be someone she can't forget.
The Spoils of War.   Rated R.  The Federation is at war with the Romulans, Spock is in command of his own ship with Christine as his CMO, and they are getting badly beaten in every battle. What a time for Spock to go into pon farr!
Transition.   Rated R.  Young Spock is having a hard time fitting in with all the humans on the Enterprise. Then Number One takes him in hand and finds a unique way to both relax him and teach him the human way.
Undercover Operations Rated NC17.  Spock and Christine have become adept at sneaking around in order to be with each other. Christine is tired of it and wants to marry ... but Spock simply cannot disgrace his family by doing so!
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