The Stories of
Toni Cardinal-Price
Toni Cardinal-Price was the author of many wonderful Star Trek stories.  She was killed in a tragic auto accident  in 1985.
Amulet. Rated PG. On their way to Vulcan to celebrate Amanda's birthday, Spock and McCoy crashland in the desert ... and find themselves mysteriously transported into Vulcan's distant past.
The DecisionRated PG. Spock has been accepted by Starfleet Academy.  Now he just has to tell his father.
The Five Nights of SeekajRated R. Spock is beamed away from the Enterprise's bridge to a mysterious planet.  There he finds that he must father of the coming Leader ... or he will be killed.  The problem is however that Spock is a hybrid ... and therefore sterile.
In Moments of Daybreak and DarknessRated PG. NOTE: Contains K/S elements. The years have driven T'Pring utterly mad and she has come to hate Spock with a vengeance. Now she carries out her plans to destroy him.
In Palaces of SandRated PG. NOTE: Contains K/S elements. Kirk and Spock have been caught in a massive explosion on board ship.  Thank goodness Spock has survived.  Or has he?
Intellectual Chaos. Rated PG13. Admiral Morrow has been forced to deny Kirk permission to return to Genesis to retrieve Spock's body ... even though he knows that Kirk is right in doing so.
Of Myths and LegendsRated R. Spock and Christine have married at the beginning of his pon farr and have beamed down to an uninhabited planet to undergo the Mating.  They don't know that the Klingons are waiting for them.
The Moons of Trius X-2. Rated PG. A virulent outbreak of Malorian Fever has broken out on Triux X-2, but Spock suspects something else is going on.  Can he prove it before more people die?
Mr. Spock, Would You Care to Dance?Rated NC17. A young Academy Cadet Spock attends a diplomatic function and there encounters a bold young woman who provides him with a much needed ... um ... dance lesson.
Til the Days Go ByRated PG13. The live giving powers of Genesis have brought him back to life and he awakes with just one thought.  Jim Kirk.  He must find Jim Kirk.
Upon First DecisionRated PG13. A vignette in which Kirk ponders what went wrong on that last mission and what Spock must be thinking about him now.
The Wasted TimeRated PG. (Mild K/S)  Spock has failed at achieving Kolinahr.  But perhaps now he understands where his destiny means him to be.
Always Possibilities.   Kirk realizes that Spock's soul might not be lost after all.
Chances Are All Gone.   Sarek realizes that his son is dead and that his katra is lost forever.
Housecall.   A poem in which McCoy outlines his reasons for staying on the Enterprise during the V'Ger mission.
Illogical Thoughts of a Woman in Blue   A poem in which Spock muses about the events on Exo III.
Images Not Forgotten.   Spock considers all that he has lost...
Meetings.   Spock examines his feelings upon seeing his parents once again..
Rebirth in an Instant.   Spock returns to the Enterprise and Kirk is overjoyed to see him.
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