The Stories of
Johanna Cantor
Fran Hitchcock, who wrote under the pen name of Johanna Cantor, was also known as the editor of the wonderful zine "R&R" as well as her prolific and enjoyable stories.  She passed away in 1998 from complications of diabetes.  Here are some of the stories she left as her legacy.
The Images of Flame Series
Images of FlameRated R. Kirk and Spock visit Sarek and Amanda at their Federation listening post on a highly caste-oriented society.  What they don't know is that Sarek is going into pon farr ... and Amanda may not be able to reach him in time.
Shadow of the FlameRated R. Spock has managed to rescue Amanda and get her home in time to save Sarek. But all are unaware that her kidnapper isn't finished with her yet.
Home Leave. Rated NC-17.  Spock is going home for his next pon farr, but his intended has a small favor to ask of him ... impregnate three other women in her household who have all lost their husbands!
Epithalamium. Rated NC-17.  As his pon farr continues to run its course, Spock desperately wants to bond with T'Pan, but she has taken an oath that prevents it.
RamificationsRated R. Spock and T'Pan are having difficulty during their mating ... mainly because each one of them have thoughts for another ... something that neither of them can tolerate.
Compassionate LeaveRated PG13.   The birth of Spock and T'Pan's baby is near and he is sent home on compassionate leave to be with her, but there are still issues between them that need to be worked out.
Promises to KeepRated R.   T'Pan and Spock's son has been born and Spock is adjusting to the fact that he is a father, even though he has no claim on the child legally. Then comes news that shocks him and which forces him to reconsider the promises he has made.
RendezvousRated PG.   T'Pan is going to meet Spock, who has been severely ill, at a mid-point space station, taking along their son, S'falt. On the starship she is traveling on, she falls in with a wealthy, carefree young couple who seem strangely taken with both she and the baby, insisting that the two Vulcans join their party. But T'Pan has misgivings ... there is something wrong and she can't quite pinpoint what it is.
Stand Alone Stories
Aftermath. Rated PG.  In a triptych of Johanna's first stories, we follow what happened after what we saw in "Journey to Babel."
All in a Day's Work. Rated PG.  With Sarek still laid up following his heat surgery on the way to Babel, it is up to Amanda to fill in ... but some of the fellow delegates try her patience.
Born of the Sun. Rated PG.  A new monument on Vulcan reminds Kirk of someone special ... Edith Keeler.
The Captain Minds the Store. Rated PG.   Spock insists that he is all right following the return from the koon-ut-kali-fee ceremony, but Kirk isn't so certain.
The Cave of the KzinRated R.   The Kzinti are fearsome enemies of the Federation and, over the years, have kidnapped entire shiploads of people to feed their carnivorous tastes.  Now Spock thinks he may have found one of their "caches" and it is up to him and Lt. M'Ress to infiltrate the lair and rescue the unfortunate victims ... which may include some of his own relatives.
Duty of a Parent. Rated PG.   Spock is suffering complications from the blood-enhancing drug he's been given in order to help save his father ... and there's nothing Sarek can do now to help his son in return.
A Few Curves. Rated PG13.  A sequel to the animated episode "The Lorelei Signal."  The Taurean women have more problems than the Enterprise crew can handle. But Spock has an idea ... and it involves Number One.
Give It Time. Rated NC17. The young ensign recouperating in sickbay is lonely and bored. Then Uhura gives Christine an idea that transforms totally into something else.
I'm Not Dead Yet!. Rated G. McCoy is slowly dying of xenopolycethemia and he's come to terms with that. But what are his doctors and nurses working on so diligently down in the lab with Spock?
Leila. Rated G. A poem expressing Leila's loneliness over losing Spock.
The Lost Colony Rated PG. Investigating the remains of a colony in which all of the colonists have mysteriously disappeared, the Enterprise crew finds themselves caught up in the same mystery when their own crewmembers begin to disappear.
A Matter of Trust. Rated PG.  Set after "Balance of Terror."  Directly after Kirk's showdown with the Romulans, distrust between Humans and Vulcans is running high.  Spock learns some valuable lessons from both sides.
Once More With Feeling. Rated G. Uhura is convinced that the newly-discovered species is intelligent, but how to prove it?
One Brief Shining Moment. Rated G. by Johanna Cantor and Caroline Carrock.   The landing crew are stranded on a very, very strange planet. In the course of a day, they run into Australian Aborigines, Celtic warriors ... and King Arthur!
The OutlawRated NC17. Stranded amid a strange alien civilization while the Enterprise responds to a distress call, Kirk, Spock and Uhura discovers that things aren't as placid as they seem.
Paradise RegainedRated R. The People of Vaal are trying very hard to please the new Skygods who have vanquished Vaal ... but sometimes the old ways are best.
Rebellion at Troyos.   Rated R. The Enterprise is called back to Troyos not long after delivering Elaan to her intended husband. A civil war is breaking out ... and the former Dohlman of Elaas is proving to be even more treacherous than Kirk had imagined.
SequelRated PG. In the aftermath of the attack on the ship by the Orion spy and still in route to Babel, Uhura is assigned as Amanda's aide ... and she learns the delicate art of diplomacy from a master.
The SeveringRated PG.  Spock is moving out of childhood and it is time for him to leave home for the testing that all Vulcan youth must undergo.  Amanda finds that she isn't ready to give up her precious little boy.
ShakedownRated G. Following the defeat of V'Ger, the new Enterprise needs a thorough shakedown ... but first the crew needs some breathing space.
The Summer PlaceRated PG. At the family compound by the Vulcan sea, someone is trying to kill Kirk, Spock and Sarek. And the clues all point to an unlikely suspect...
There Are Worse Things. Rated R. Spock is going into pon farr and the only woman available to him is the one you just tried to kill him.
There Goes Paradise. Rated R. After the destruction of Vaal, things are changing among the people, and the young man and woman who observe lovemaking between Chekov and Martha and ready to try the new ways.
Time of the Hearth. Rated R. Set in Jean Lorrah's "Night of the Twin Moons" universe.  Sarek and Amanda seem to have come through their first pon farr remarkably well.  It causes Sarek's assistant T'Pril to wonder if she is missing something with her own husband.
Vulcan Bride Rated R. A young Vulcan woman goes to her koon-ut-kali-fi with some trepidation but a sense of duty. It will be hard, her mother tells her, but then says, "The reward will come soon."
World Enough Rated R. Ever wondered what happened to Zephrem Cochrane and Nancy Hedford/The Companion after Kirk and Co. had left?
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