The Stories of
Rosalie Blazej
Kin of the Same Womb Born
Rated PG13.  A full-length novel by Rosalie Blazej.  Spock, McCoy and Christine are assigned to investigate mysterious deaths on a planet that houses a joint Federation/Romulan science team.  There Spock suffers a terrible accident and his only hope lies in an ancient, little understood life entity transfer device discovered by the Romulans.
Part One -- Chapters 1 through 25.
Part Two -- Chapters 26 through 40
Part Three -- Chapters 41 through Conclusion
Other Stories
An ObligationRated PG.  The last survivor of a symbiotic race is dying and Spock is the only one who can establish a mind link before it expires. The problem ... the planet on which this being lives is flooded by a radiation that is absolutely deadly to Vulcans.
To Each His OwnRated PG.  While investigating a totally water-covered world, orbiting a sun that's about to go supernova, Spock's shuttlecraft is brought down by a mysterious energy source.  Can the Enterprise crew find and rescue him before the planet is destroyed?
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