The Stories of
Kate Birkel
The TransitionRated PG. Spock is having a hard time adjusting to the new captain of the Enterprise following Christopher Pike's departure, but he's beginning to think James Kirk may have some saving graces, after all.
PatternsRated PG13. Spock has decided that Christine Chapel is the logical choice as a wife for him ... but Christine wants nothing to do with him!
StormlordsRated PG. Sarek summons Spock home to explain why he disobeyed Sarek's orders to marry a Vulcan woman ... and Spock risks being disinherited if he can't come up with a good answer.
Lady ChappelleRated PG. It's a funny thing what people dream ... especially when it concerns a lady in distress, an evil villain, and a tall, dark knight who comes to the rescue.
Reflected Light Rated PG13. A "Mirror" universe story.  Spock has taken over control of the ISS Enterprise but not he has a little problem ... what to do with James T. Kirk.
Research ProjectRated G. Checking up on the third shift crew, Spock uncovers the most curious research project he's ever encountered ... and gets drawn into it in a way he wasn't expecting.
Wish Me LuckRated G. Spock has taken a shuttlecraft into the giant ameoba and left McCoy behind. Now, dying, his final message is, "You should have wished me luck."
Other Stories
Noli Me Tangere Rated PG. Spock has been on the warpath ever since returning from the Roman planet, but Kirk can't get him to open up about what's eating him!
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