The Stories of
Jacqueline Bielowicz
Standalone Stories and Poems
The Blooded Flame. Rated R.  Spock has agreed to a new bonding, but is afraid she will reject him as T'Pring did.  He can't know how wrong he is...
In Defeat of Hell. Rated PG.  When their shuttlecraft blows up, Kirk, Spock and their crew find themselves dead and in heaven ... or are they?
The Irish Campaign. Rated PG.  Kevin Riley is having a heck of a hard time getting a woman interested in him.  Then he hits upon a new strategy and a new woman ... Christine Chapel!
Jackie's Mary Sue. Rated G. A looney parody of fan written "Mary Sue" stories.
Memories. Rated PG. Time has passed for the crew of the Enterprise. Will they ever be together again?
Nancy Hedford/The Companion. Rated G. A poem exploring the dual nature of The Companion.
New Ways. Rated G. Spock wasn't looking for a pet when the little Berengarian dragon followed him back to camp, but he sure got one.
Passage. Rated NC17. By Jacqueline Bielowicz and Cherpring.  Christine Chapel has some decisions to make about her life.  And Dr. M'Benga would like to help her make them.
Returning to the Clan. Rated PG. Young Montgomery Scott is in the command training program in Starfleet, but a disaster aboard his ship radically changes his career path.
Saboteur, or the Mad Tea Party of ?. Rated PG. There is either a rampant practical joker or a dangerous saboteur on board the Enterprise ... and Kirk is determined to find the culprit!
To Each His Own. Rated NC17. McCoy gets his hands on an ancient Vulcan manuscript and can't believe his eyes. Does the title really translate out as "Kama Sutra"?
A Touch of LoveRated PG. Spock has been rendered brain dead by the Klingon mind sifter, or so everyone thinks.  Christine knows better and she's determined to reach him.
What Cost Friendship?Rated PG. McCoy's daughter has been killed and McCoy is in a bad way emotionally.  Kirk has to make a decision -- help his friend or take the new assignment aboard the Enterprise.
The Surak Stories
The Seeds of VisionRated PG. Wounded and dying, the young Vulcan warrior had run in panic from his first battle. He is rescued by a group of pacifists who are trying to change the ways of their world and led by a man named Surak.
Homestead of Death. Rated PG. The transition to Surak's Reforms hasn't been easy for most Vulcans and some simply cannot make the change.
The Winds of DecisionRated PG. ShiKahr is attacked and its people led away into slavery, but the Peace of Surak can heal even the bitterest of wounds..
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