The Stories of
Dee Beetem
Child of the Tradition, or Sluraz' Affirmation.   Rated PG.  A "Kraith" universe story.  Sluraz can only find a Human woman to take to wife before the Time of Mating and he is astounded when a child results.
Death of a Flame, or Amanda's Mission.   Rated PG.  A "Kraith" universe story.  Long ago, Sarek had given
Amanda a pendant called The Peace of Vulcan. Now, suddenly, its flame has died ... and so has something else.
Of  Which Reason Knows Nothing.   Rated PG.  A fellow ambassador has been murdered and Sarek orders Amanda to remain in the embassy and say nothing.
The Other ManRated PG.  Stonn has decided to challenge Spock for the hand of T'Pring ... but she has a sudden change of mind.
The Shortest Star Trek Story in the WorldRated G. And we mean short!
Won't You Walk a Little Faster, or Tanya's Argument.   Rated PG.  A "Kraith" universe story.  Tanya has been raised to be Vulcan, but an impulsive Human challenges her beliefs.
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