The Stories of
Karen Bates Crouch
Draana.   Rated PG13. A powerful full-length novel.  Thrown back in time ten years by an imploding star, the Enterprise has lost 2/3rds of its crew and the rest are dying.  In desperation, Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Christine beam down to the planet Draana to search for a mineral needed to save them.  There they find themselves in a world reminiscent of ancient Rome and are captured by slavers, separated and sold.  The next ten years follow their desperate struggle to survive in a world of gladitorial games, a brewing slave rebellion, and a blood-thirsty emperor determined to squash any attempts to usurp his power.
The "Guardian" Series
Guardian, Part One.   Rated PG13. The Klingons and the Romulans have allied and declared war on the Federation. Spock is now in command of the Starship Suuni with Uhura as his first officer. The war is going very badly and Spock hits upon a wild scheme to go back in time and retrieve someone who died early in the conflict ... Nurse Christine Chapel.
Guardian, Part Two.   Rated PG13. Spock's wife, T'Naari, has been driven mad by her own hatred and, when she discovers the existence of the Guardian of Forever, she finds the perfects means of wreaking vengeance on her erstwhile husband.
Guardian, Part Three.   Rated PG13. T'Naari, using the Guardian of Forever, has repeated changed the pathway of time until it is now impossible to unravel the threads. Spock and Uhura and faced with the daunting task of mere survival in a galaxy where the Klingons and Romulans rule and the Federation has been obliterated.
Guardian, Part Four.   Rated PG13. The new alliance with the Romulans is rocky as the Enterprise, the last remnant of the Federation, goes to all-out war with the Klingons.
The "Christine/Christine" Series
Christine/Christine, Part One.   Rated PG. Set in the "Mirror" Universe.  Dr. Christine Chapel has come aboard the I.S.S. Enterprise as the new CMO.  But she takes an instant dislike to Marlene Moreau, Captain Spock's Woman.
Christine/Christine, Part Two.   Rated PG. Set in the "Mirror" Universe.  The Emperor Sarek has been murdered by his legitimate son, Stonn, who takes the throne.  But patricide is strictly forbidden by the Warrior Caste and bastard son Spock journeys to Vulcan to avenge his father's death.
Christine/Christine, Part Three.   Rated PG. Accidentally switched with her counterpart in the other universe, the two Christines must figure out how to survive long enough to get back to where they belong.
The "Reasons" Series
Reasons, Part One.   Rated PG. There were reasons why Christine had left Starfleet, reasons why Spock had married a Vulcan woman ... and reasons why they all ended up on the same colony world.
Reasons, Part Two.   Rated PG. The colony on Calicos was thriving, but then a mysterious series of deaths occurred and they all seemed to be tied to a malevolent entity.
Reasons, Part Three -- Outpost.   Rated PG. The colony has moved to a new location and everything is going well.  And then the Klingons arrived.
Stand Alone Stories
Ardala.   Rated R. Captured by the barbarous natives of an unexplored planet, Kirk and Spock under a murderous ordeal ... and Spock comes back with something he didn't expect.
Chris.   Rated NC17. Something had happened between Spock and Christine seven years ago, something so traumatic that she had been running from him ever since. Now he's found her ... and time is running out.
Dream/Reality & Aftermath.   Rated PG13. Christine has a vivid, frightening nightmare ... but could there be more to it than there seems to be?
Glimpses.   Rated PG. A series of vignettes showing glimpses of various episodes that we didn't see ... but should have.
Henoch.   Rated PG13. Spock cannot forget what he saw in Christine's mind after Thalassa placed him in Chapel's consciousness.
Leave Us.   Rated PG. Christine always seems to  be on the fringe of things and she vents a bit about being treated "second class".
Memories.   Rated PG13. Christine has left the Enterprise and gotten on with her life.  But neither she nor Spock can forget the other.
Moments.   Rated PG. Little vignettes that illuminate various episodes.
Moments 2.   Rated PG. More vignettes that will make you re-think times and places.
Obsession.   Rated PG. On shore leave, Kirk meets a beautiful woman and enjoys a brief fling with her.  But when he returns to the ship, she seems determined that he's not going anywhere without her.
Pieces of Confetti.   Rated PG13. A "Mirror" universe story.  T'Pring is the most desirable woman on Vulcan and she has no intention of marrying Sarek's half-breed son.  She has a plan that cannot fail.
Point of View.   Rated PG. The Vulcan firepot in Spock's cabin can tell you a lot about what goes on there!
A Season for All Things.   Rated PG13. Christine has been offered a full professorship at the University of Epison Canaris, to take up Roger Korby's work.  Little does she know the nightmare it will lead her into.
Suicide.   Rated PG. The pyshic energy from the troubled crewman's suicide blasted straight into the only telepath in its way ... the ship's First Officer.
The Trackers.   Rated PG13. The Enterprise hasn't returned to pick up the landing party and they have been captured by a strange, blood-thirsty tribe.  Can any of them survive?
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