The Stories of
M. L. "Steve" Barnes
Against the Fall of DarknessRated PG.  The old Vulcan visited his friend every week and brought him the news he wanted to hear.
Almost a LegendRated PG-13.  On the planet Arcania, Spock meets a young artist whose soul touches his in a very special way.
Blue Rain. Rated PG. McCoy has been stranded on this desolate planet after crashing five weeks ago and his supplies are just about gone. But at least he's not alone...
GambitRated R.  Trapped on a planet by ionization, Kirk watches Spock begin to change ... and to develop a strange fascination for an alien girl.
Heat WaveRated R.  McCoy can't get his shore leave with Tonia Barrows out of his mind, but he has bigger things to worry about ... a survey party has brought a deadly virus back to the ship.
I Need You, Baby. Rated PG-13.  Kirk is infected with the larval form of a parasitic being.  He will die within a week unless Spock and McCoy can find a cure.
The Other Side of the MirrorRated PG-13.  A "Mirror" universe story.  Commander Sarek has lost his mate in a Klingon attack and he is in desparate need.  Then one of his Terran prisoners, a brash young woman named Amanda, steps forward with a proposal.
The PartingRated PG.  Spock is leaving home for Starfleet Academy and Sarek refuses to back down on his opposition.  Is there anything Amanda can do to ease the situation?
The Price of a Handful of SnowflakesRated PG.  Spock seems to be in a vegetative state following a vicious attack.  Nurse Christine Chapel knows the truth, however ... and is determined to keep it -- and Spock -- to herself!
To Seek the SunRated PG.  Spock and Uhura, on their way back to the ship from Starbase 4, receive a distress call from a huge alien ship, but, when they investigate, they find something they could never anticipate.
Touche. Rated R.  The Enterprise is assigned to transport a brilliant scientist to her new post on Capella One. The only trouble is ... she's part Orion and every male on board suddenly has a galloping case of the hots for her!
Thy Brother's KeeperRated PG.  Kirk has been gravely wounded by a new Klingon weapon and Spock must catch the Klingon ship at all costs ... even if that cost is Jim's life ... and a duty on Vulcan that Spock must absolutely attend to.
The WindbornRated PG.  Kirk, Spock and McCoy have been sent to retrieve an alien scientist who has crash landed on a primitive planet.  But the Klingons have claimed him as well, and now both must face an ordeal to determine who gets him.
Worlds May Change and Galaxies.... Rated PG.  On shore leave, McCoy rescues a girl that reminds him of his daughter Joanna.  But this girl doesn't feel the same way about the good doctor...
The Kindred
Spock Joined.
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