The Stories of
Bev Clark
Beverley Clark was a multi-talented writer and editor, best known for her Star Wars zine Skywalker.  However, she started out in Trek fandom and wrote many wonderful stories and poems. She passed away in September 2007 after a long struggle with ovarian cancer.
Hippocrates Was a Healer. Rated PG. The planet Hippocrates appears to be a paradise, but it is hostile to human life. There is one man there, however, who has affected a miraculous cure for cancer and McCoy determines to find out how he did it.
Meteor Made. Rated PG. Kirk is testing a new escape pod and during his descent, he experiences an epiphany.
A Time for Tears. Rated PG. Spock receives a message that Leila Kalomi has been hospitalized in critical condition. And he knows that he is responsible for what has happened to her ... something the spores couldn't correct.
Poetry and Filks
Exilium.  A lovely little love poem...
The Fiery Void (as if by Scott).    Scotty looks out onto the infinite and expresses his awe.
I Wonder What the Vulcan is Doing Tonight.   A filksong set to the tune from "Camelot".
A Meditation: Bones.   So many different meanings, and yet they all add up to one man.
Point of View.  It's good to remember that Humans aren't the only race in the universe.
Still Fire:  Spock.    Still waters run deep they say...
Two/One/Two:  Leila's Lament.    For a while, Leila could feel she was one with Spock.
Zap! Zap!    A funny filk set to the old pop tune "Beep! Beep!"
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